Thursday, February 03, 2005

Day 173 Sauna

It was a stupid thing to do but I did it anyway. I bought some vodka from Alko and took it with me to the swimming pool at EspoonKeskus. I drank half the bottle in the changing rooms and the rest I took into the sauna and threw it on the hot stones.

Now breathing in alcohol fumes does something funny to your chest. It tightens up like you were being strapped into an electric chair with a leather belt. The vision goes. Well more like comes and goes with every beat of your heart. It blurs in time to your pulse... a sort of slow strobe effect without the strobe lights.

It was then that I thought, I've paid my money, am going to go swimming. I didn't make it. I stumbled and fell head first into the Jacuzzi on my way to the pool.

The attendants pulled me out and called the police. I lied and told them I had had a blackout. Diabetes... low blood sugar. Nobody want to admit that they want to go drunk swimming. That would be crazy.