Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Day 178 Pygmy

Uno tries to tell a joke.

"The Fukawe are this pygmy tribe. They live in the bush....right?"

He's forgotten this part, or maybe he never heard it properly. Is this going to be another Uno joke that just peters out?

"...somewhere in Africa" he rushes ahead, eager to get to the punch line.

"And they're so small they keep getting lost in the tall grass; it's like a jungle to them, dense like. But they have to keep moving through it anyway, because they're like nomads, or... or maybe there's another tribe out hunting them. Anyway, it doesn't matter. Thing is, you see they're always on the march through this tall grass that would only be butt-high to anybody else, but it is up over their heads. And as they go you can hear them chanting their war chant, 'We're the Fukawe, we're the Fukawe!'"

Nice one Uno.