Thursday, April 28, 2005

Day 193 Liverpool

Uno and Jussi have just won 10,000 Euros by betting on Liverpool to draw 0-0 with Chelsea. They are all fired up. It is in the stars they say. Jussi has been receiving messages from the "space brothers" who once abducted Sami Hyypia and did an operation on him to give him super-powers.

Apparently it is in the cosmic plans of the "space bothers" that Liverpool should win the European cup and thus bring about an Armageddon of sorts in Istanbul, or Constantinople as Jussi prefers to call it.

Jussi contends that the Brits are in actual fact the ten lost tribes of Israel and that they are represented by Liverpool, who will defeat AC Milan those popish catholic Italians.

This makes perfect sence to them since they are cracked out of their skulls on Koskenvorva