Monday, May 02, 2005

Day 196 Spacebrothers

The spacebrothers have told Jussi that Liverpool will beat Chelsea 1-0 at Anfield. They are betting all of their winnings from the last game.

They want me to come in along with them. It is a safe bet and they can't loose. They would only get 5/2 if they said Liverpool would win but since they are predicting a 1-0 win the old will be bumped up to 10/1

So if the "spacebrothers" are right they should have 100,000 euros in the bank tomorrow night.

Now I ask you would you believe anything Jussi or Uno says. Just take a look at them. Arse hanging out of their trousers, and shoes down at the heel. That really does not put me off them. What gets me is the small specks of white spit that collects at the corners of their mouth when they talk.

"Are you in or not?" says Jussi

"I'll just check with the "spacebrothers" and see what they say, and I'll get back to you... OK?"

"Good thinking... you won't regret it."