Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Day 200 Ten

I overheard Jussi and Uno discussing the upcoming match in Istanbul.

"When was the last time a Finnish player was in the final of the champions league? Don't bother exerting yourself, I'll tell you it was in 1995, and do you know who it was? Jari!!! when he played for Ajax and he scored the winning goal, and do you know what number he had on his shirt? I'll tell you. It was 10, and guess what 1995+10 equals 2005 which is this years final, and what Finnish player is playing now... don't bother... It's Sami. Sami/Jari, Jari/Sami both names have got four letters. Get it? And what is the number of his shirt 05... all the best centre-halfs wear the number 5. You see it all adds up. It's like everything is slotting into place. It's mathematicaly so beautiful. The money is as good as in the bank. Do you need any more convincing that Liverpool will win?"

"That's deep man. How did you work all of that out?"

Jussi rubbed the side of his nose and gave nod and a wink. "Spacebrothers"