Friday, August 27, 2004

Day 48 Perennials

Janna’s starting a special perennial club.

She reckons everyone’ll join, and she can create a new culb devoted to Finnish perennials.

A culb which will out-culb the Masons.

“We might take over the world!” she wheezes (pollen brings on her asthma attacks). “We’ll only do organic. We’ll refuse to sell our seed to multi-nationals.”

"Not much chance of them wanting your seed Janna"

"You what?"

"Forget it"

Uno and Janna are a pair. Thick as bricks, and twice as stupid. They would be dangerous if they were able to get angry, but anger stupifies them, so when I get as mad as a sackful of rats they just stand around slack jawed. Insults are wasted on them. They don't understand.