Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Day 73

"If I felt any better I would be in heaven. If I felt any worse I would be in hell"

"What are you on about blister-brain?"

"Did you know the Berserks drank their own piss?"

"I don't think I want to know"

"Ate fly agaric before battle, their kidneys concentrated the active agent into their piss, and when they drank their piss they went spare"

"Well that is enough to burst a tall man"

"Or the shamman would eat the stuff, and he would take the bad hits that gave you the twitchs and sweats, and then give his piss to the rest of the tribe so they would always pocket the black ball at pool.

I think Roope is spending to much time with the Turks, or is sleeping to close to the forest.

Ref: Amanita Muscaria