Sunday, August 29, 2004

Day 70

I hire Janna once again.

I tell her it is for Uno's sake. He was missing her, but really I want to find out more about dreams.

She smiles a happy smile that puts a dimple on her chin.

I am almost envious of Uno.

"So about those dream positions Janna"

"Yeah what about them?"

"Well could you explain a little more about them?"

"It is all to do with digestion"

My thoughts were fluttering like a moth around a candle. I was having a brainfart.


"Yeah, you see your stomach is like a big ballon filled with water and it makes this regular movement..."

"Peristaltic contraction... so?"

"Well it keeps on squirting food down into your intestines, and if you sleep on you left-hand side it has a harder time getting the food up to the opening of the intestines which is on the right-hand side"


"Well your dreams depend on what you have eaten last thing at night"

"Cheese like?"


Thats the last time I will order a family sized quattro formaggi from Monty Cristos and eat it after mid-night, and then go sleep in the 4 position belly down and slightly on the left-hand side.