Sunday, August 29, 2004

Day 71

Some mother goes spare on me today.

Apparently it’s very irresponsible of me to have poison ivy so readily on display while her kids are in the centre.

One of them was already developing a red rash on her tongue which seemed to be swelling up inside her mouth.

"Mah kung hucks" she said

She was not japanese. The mother looked perplexed.

"I think she just said "My tongue hurts"

"You and your likes are completely irresponsible."

"Look lady you are the one who is irresponsible. It was you who left your kids to wander around the centre unsupervised. While you have spent a good hour admiring the orchids, and not bought any of them. This garden centre is not an amusment park you know?"

When her other kid came complaining that he had cactus needles sticking in his tongue, She draged them both out the door and left.

It was Uno's idea to put the ice lollypops next to the cactus stand.

"Thirst psychology" was what he called it.

That was the best thought Uno had ever had so I let him get away with it.