Sunday, September 19, 2004

Day 112 Piss

"The good thing about sinks is that they don't have any seats to lift up"

"And they are at such a convenient level"

"Yeah!!! if you shoot for the pan, the one eyed trousers snake, more often than not, speaks with a forked tongue, and it gets everywhere"

"But with the sink being so close, and especially if you have a bellyful of beer, then there is the great danger of spashback, so you have to have increbible sphincter control"

Janna came charging out of the toilet

"Uno have you been pissing in the sink again???"

Both Uno and I jumped to our feet, and in unison with an outraged voice, and a perplexed hurt look on our faces, cried out in anguish.

"No!!! how could you think such a thing?"

Uno may be stupid, but in some things you have to show solidarity with the brothers.