Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Day 94 Relaxing

Slept in this morning. The boss was not pleased.

"What time do you call this? coming into work four hours late"

"Sure I was late, but don't you know that when you sleep in, your brain goes into overdrive, and that is when you get your best ideas."

"I don't care. I'm docking your wages for 4 hours"

"A relaxing environment is the key to success in terms of creativity."

"I don't need creativity. I need sales to customers. Keep it simple. Plants in, plants out"

"Hey man don't get stressed. You used to be so laid-back. Where are you getting these new strange ideas from?"

"Janna. She has just taught me about the P dream position."

"You what?"

"In our dreams we produce unusual combinations of ideas that can seem surreal, but every once in a while result in an amazingly creative solution to an important problem."

Typical the boss gets his new ideas from sleeping in.