Monday, September 06, 2004

Day 91 Auli

Auli is doing well in Estonia. He has a big resturant chain, and he plays the harmonica really badly, but nobody would ever tell him that.

When he comes into the centre I say.

"Hey harmonica man how's it blowing?"

"Za lip, she need za fresh bazil. Ah no can play so good wizout za bazil

Auli comes in regular and collects pots of basil for free.

"You happen have za bazil... no???"

"Hey harmonica man we always got the green stuff for you. Special sown. Special grown."

"You come to Tallin. I cook you special soup. Soup you won't forget in a hurry"

"Sure thing Auli. anything you say"

"Stay cool"

Believe me you don't want to mess with anything from Estonia. As far as I am concerned Auli is Little Walter reincarnated.