Monday, September 06, 2004

Day 90 Spyware

Jussi returns to the topic of webs.

"Did you know that every keystoke you make on your computer is being sent back to Google or Alexa or Microsoft?

"Well knock me out... is that so?"

"Tons of Sypware and adware are being secretly loaded onto your computer."

"You don't say?"

"Everytime you dowload a porno mpeg, you get a tracker installed on your hardisk"

"Is that right?"

"And they track your bank account details and scan your disk for passwords and pin numbers"

"Well blow me"

"The WEB is becoming a dangerous place... who do you think is behind it all?"

"The Freemasons"

If this was true it was news to Jussi. He left in a perplexed mood, wondering if I was a grandmaster imparting a secret truth to him, who only had a rudimentary knowledge of the craft.