Thursday, September 09, 2004

Day 99 Confession

"I find myself being thrown back and forth between confession and concealment. Do you think that is good?"


"Some days I just want to find somebody I can confess to. Get it all of my chest"

"Yeah... go on"

"And other days I feel so ashamed that I want to cover up my tracks, blot out my past history, and I dispise myself for wanting to conceal things"

"So then you need to confess to feel better?"

"Yeah!!! it is a viscous circle"

"I think what we need here, is a surveillance camera. Something to keep tabs on you all the time"

Piggy looked at me hopefully.

"Do you think that would be a solution? do you?"


But never the less I broached the subject to the boss to have one installed at the centre, to keep and eye on these punks that skate in the backyard and the old-aged pensioners who steal birdseed.

He agreed