Monday, September 06, 2004

Day 89 Earings

Some skateboarders stole some chewing gum from near the checkout and bolt for it.

Some woman in brown, who thinks it is the new black, smiles and says.

"Kids. You've got to love them. The little rascals”

"Not on my time lady"

"Lighten up will you, it was only a few packets of chewing gum, it is not the end of the world"

She came back a few hours later, rather distressed, wanting to know if I’d seen her clip-on gold earings.

"Afraid not mam"

"But they must have droped off while I was walking through the jungle area. If you find them will you let me know?"

"Sure thing"

She left and I called Piggy and asked her around for a rose grafting session. I will give her the earings to wear while we get to work. She will like that.