Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Day 96 Music

Roope comes in a bit rough. A bit bleary eyed. A bit tobacco juice at the corners of his mouth. A bit snotty nosed. It must be cold sleeping under the motorway bridge.

"Did you know that if you take the notes from the death march by Mozart and transpose them into a protein sequence, then you get a protein that is invariably present at the onset of cancer?

"Interesting NOT! Where do you come up with all these weird ideas?"

"The library at Iso Omena. It is warm there, and if you don't smell too bad, you can find yourself a corner to sleep in, without being disturbed."

"The next thing you will be telling me is that we should take the sequence for Serotonin and transcribe it into music, and play it to the depressed to make them happy"

"Yeah that is a great idea. Insirational. You been sleeping late in the P position have you?"

Word gets around.

Ref: Music from proteins