Monday, September 06, 2004

Day 93 Depression

"Are you saying I'm depressed because I am a woman"

"No Piggy of coure not"

"Women can do the same work as men, yet we don't get paid the same wages"

"That's so true, and so unfair"

"We get used and abused as sex objects, discriminated against in our jobs. Fired if we are pregnant. Fired if we even hint at sexual harrassment in the work place. Tied to the kitchen sink and left to slave over a hot stove, and you wonder why we get depressed?"

"I was only saying..."

"You never listen, that's your problem. You are the one who needs therapy"


"Don't you sorry me"

"Look I made a mistake"

"To right you did"

"I was upset. I wasn't thinking straight. I was unkind. I should never have said
Iv'e meet many a woman who can act like a man but very few that can act like a gentleman

With that Piggy ran out sobbing like a cat strung up on barbed wire. All I could do was shrug my shoulders and lift the palms of my hands heavenwards.

"Tell me what did I say wrong... just tell me?"